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Technology: Media, social media, news stream. Video streams
What we want to see: Rock us with some epistolary narrative. Let us know who was affected by FOA, where are they and how they deal with a sudden onset illness, that is always accompanied by dreams of distant lands, deep waters and foreign skies not of our world. Of flitting images of creatures just outside of your view dogging your steps.
Year: 2020
Settings: worldwide
Overview: Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Agressiva (FOA)
Sudden onset
Origin: Unknown
Cure: Unknown
Other unusual symptoms: Vivid unsettling dreams and hallucinations
Initial prognosis: A horrible fate, death assured as the soft organs of the victim’s body turns to bone. After one year the disease losses much of it’s rapid lethality but it looks like it’s here to stay
Adversary: Nyarlathotep, sick of serving sleeping gods. Those lazy things, slumbering away as he toils.

Technology: SLCR gene editing technology
What we want to see: You could be a driver picking up one of the wealthy new patients coming in for gene therapy. Or One of the nurses showing them to their rooms.Or you could be the other wordly abomination who discovered SLCR and hid inside the new technology, and you are about to throw a curve ball because sometimes being rich is not enough.
Year: 2020
Settings: Private hospital, Alpha Health Center, Portland Or
Overview: The planet is growing hotter, people with the cash and a different frame of mind head to the Alpha Health Center where their genes will be improved to withstand hotter climate, improve significantly their musculature, overall health and longevity.
It’s private, secret but to the few who can afford it.
Adversary: Ithaqua, personnel tainted by Nyarlathotep’s malicious influence

Technology: Live Your Brain (LYB)
What we want to see: You are part of small engineering team that with help set up LYB support system for victims in under served communities. You could be in the backwoods of North Carolina, the slums of Chicago or a small rural town in Oregon. Something has been following since you started, you heard two of your previous patients have been killed. What are you going to do about this?
Year: 2024
Settings: United States, under served communities
Overview: Live Your Brain. A mind linked computer allows users to interact without touching it. Created by Elmo Bearry for his son in 2023, has gone into production to assist other sufferers of Fibrodysplasia ossificans agressiva (FOA). A new syndrome that now affects nearly 7% of the planet.

Technology: Sensory screen technology
What we want to see:You are a hell of a techpreanuer, SST was invented in 2028 by Izzy Holwitz but anyone with money is begging you for a state of the art VR system with full body suit integrating SST. It’s pure escapism, or is it?
Year: 2028

Technology:Robotic, automated, AI directed building construction
What we want to see:You are part of the small crew who maintain the robots building the hospital. Or one of the programmers keeping the bots running smoothly. Until people around you begin to die in very ugly ways and signs inspiring terror show up carved on rocks and trees. But you can’t quit.
Settings:Bristol County, Ri
Overview:Main AI engineer. She runs the AI and most of the robotics building the hospital
Adversary: Ithaqua and its wendigos


Technology: St. Christopher Hospital – Slcr tech- Nearly all surfaces in St. Chris are interactive screens, fully connected to the hospital mainframe.
What we want to see: The victims of FOA aren’t just struggling with their disease but with disturbing dreams and hallucinations. Each must find a way to cope with them, find a solution that will allow them to go on as they hope for a cure. Those wraith in the forest outside their windows, could they possibly be Wendigos, and what swims in the nearby shores?
Settings:St. Christopher Hospital, Bristol County, Ri
Overview:St. Christopher is a brand new state of the art hospital. The AI that controls most system make it easier on the humans who work there. Almost all surfaces are interactive.
The victims of the FOA syndrome are taken here for the most advanced medical care since the President’s husband has been struck with FOA. But the hospital is built on the buried ruins of a cursed sanitarium whose hidden tunnels and floor go deep underground.
Adversary: Ithaqua and its Wendigos are in the deep forest around the hospital

Technology: Live Your Brain Technology
What we want to see: You are part of the reporters, vloggers, bloggers, artists and writers in Taiwan
Year: 2032
Overview:The West/East wars begins over Taiwan bid for Independence. Russia and China have joined forces. But what gargantuan beings swims in the water outside Taiwan. What is the gigantic humanoid figure with a cascade of frothing tentacles running from its mouth to this belly. What will you tell the world.
Adversary:What is the gigantic humanoid figure with a cascade of frothing tentacles running from its mouth to this belly?

Technology: Underground AI with VR Trains Monitoring system
What we want to see: It’s a crowed underground when the largest fire to flare since the burned out Moscow to stop napoleon. And fires are also burning above ground. Who are you? A firefighter, an EMT? Perhaps a cook, KGB man. Or are you just a commuter trying to get to safety? All the same, there’s some serious burning going on and you can smell some souls that burned out a long time ago, right, near, you.
Settings: Moscow
Overview: Shub-Niggurath is traveling to the front with her youngs to be part of the fight (And they’ll get there!), she’s is having some fun along the way and nothing says fun like the fires of hell. In Moscow mysterious fires have begun to burn, is it arson or something more sinister? As the blazes flame at random, without ryme or reason. The law and armed forces aren’t doing much. Can the younger gods help? Is Cherno Bog willing to listen, or maybe the Baba-yaga?
Adversary: Shub-Niggurath

Technology: Evac truck outfitted with infrared, speculative AI, automated driving. Rescue robots and smart visors on helmets
What we want to see: Never before in history has an American town been carpet bombed by the enemy. It’s a shock. Worse than the chemical burns, what lies within the city that rejoices and continues to pluck lives from the crowds of the victims?
Year: 2034
Settings: Innsmouth, Me
Overview:When bombs began to fell over Innsmouth it was a hell of surprise. Boston might have been the target, or it might have been a mistake. They didn’t do as much damage, as first thought and they heaved a sigh of relief. Until the burning sensation on the skin started, followed by burned skin. Flesh came right off the bones for the ones that had been closer to the explosions.
Those who could ran, they couldn’t outrun the feeling that they were being followed.
Adversary: Shub-Niggurath and her youngs

Technology: The Cetacean Communication System (CCS) invented by marine biologist, Alice James
What we want to see: The Cetacean Communication System (CCS) is undergoing its first trials with a pod of Orcas in the Peuget Sound. You are one of citizen of Keoonik a small town on the shore of Puget Sound, you watch as you see a pod of orcas swim by for the first time in a long time.
Year: 2035
Settings: Puget sound, Wa
Overview: They seem to be following a scientific vessel, but what is rising from the deep, to silence them forever? And what will you do to protect them? You are just a local watching from the shores. Do you even have a boat?
Adversary:  Lqǥa̱’dza̱ḵl Large monstrous starfish like creatures, children of Dagon and Hydra, they crawled out of recesses of the deep.

Technology:  First battalion of troops with the Exoskels body armors and body enhancements.
What we want to see:  You are part of that battalion my friend, you can dive deep, and walk faster and further than previous soldiers. You can hold your breath underwater for half an hour.  China has its version of the Exoskels, and Russia has its cheap and brutal alternative to the technology. But whose side are you on, and what will you do when you meet the enemy? It’s a battle royale. Dear writer, you know that, none the less, they are all human.
Year: 2036
Settings: On the island and waters of the Bearing sea
Overview: The Chinese and Russian forces have doubled down on their attack. The battle lasted three days over land, air and ocean. It was brutal and the who the eleder gods favored was hard to tell.
Adversary: Lqǥa̱’dza̱ḵl Large monsters starfish, children of Dagon and Hydra.


Technology: First organic based AI embedded in the human brain and limbic system
What we want to see: You are amongst the many witnessing this important event. But are you for it, or against it? And where are the test subjects? What do you do while you work on the hospital grounds?
Year: 2041
Settings: St. Christopher Hospital, Arkahm, Ma
Overview: Ten patients have entered the trials for an enhanced limbic system by embedding an semi organic AI inside the base of their skulls, from where it’ll grow in sync with its host. You don’t know their name, who they are, just that they’ll soon make history. But what happened to the test subjects, and why are people and things disappearing? And what are those glimpsed nightmarish visions that roam in the darkness?
Adversary: Hk’Lacrima. Daughter of Nyarlathotep. Eater of children, murderer of mothers, giver of pain


Technology:USS-Kelwis – nuclear/solar powered navy science ship
What we want to see:You part of the crew of the Kelwis, you made it through the East/West wars, Captain: Leatice Bok runs a tight ship.
Overview:Joint operation to save a pod of dolphins and bring them to Mars with other marine life, the USS Kelwis, a Dock landing ship has been turned into a science ship and is ready to bring about some cetacean life.
Adversary: Dagon, Umibozu

Technology: Chinese ship Wu Zetian – Type 071 amphibious transport dock
What we want to see: You are part of the crew and think you lucked out with a Captain like Liu, Li Qiang at the helm. The war is over.

Year: 2050
Overview: Joint operation to save a pod of dolphins and bring them to Mars. But creatures the likes you’ve never seen before are rising from the depth.
Adversary: Dagon, Umibozu

Technology: United African Nations Space Program
What we want to see: You live in Queenstown, your work there. Or you are a contractor from afar. You are building the edifice for the space program but people have begun to disappear.
Year: 2055
Settings: Queenstown, South Africa, in the new United African Nation
Overview: In the cauldron that is Queenstown the facility for UNS space program is being built, but holes in the ground are opening overnight around the construction site, something dark has been seen crawling out, damage is done and soon lives are taken. And the holes are beginning to spread outward.
Adversary: Alala, Xa’ligha, Dzunukwa


Technology: Commercial cargo/passenger space ship UAN-Orishas
What we want to see: Papa Legba went toe to toe against the resurrected rotters of the Elder Gods
Tells us what happen in the two weeks prior the Orishas launched for mars, when the dead came back to life
Year: 2060
Overview: The spaceship from the United African Nations (UAN) on a flight to the Mars space station with supplies and new colonist. It lifted off from the UANSP in Queenstown, South Africa
Adversary: Hordes of walking dead (not super runners, think George Romero, the good old time when zombie weren’t all Olympic class sprinters)


Technology: The International Space Colony (ISCl) United Endeavor.
Mapping drones, recognizance robots, underwater robots, sensors, telemetrics options
What we want to see: Dazzle us with some epistolary narrative, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epistolary_novel
Year: 2070
Settings: Underground space station, Mars
Overview: Huge facility that takes advantage of the system of canyons and caves below the martian ground. It’s core is high tech, but as the tunnels and caves spread out humans haven’t quite gotten to modernizing their entire base. Or exploring the caves.
Adversary:  Nyarlathotep

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