Science Fiction by M.D. Cooper


nphZone had this mini interview with M.D. Cooper when he released his latest fiction. A cool read, enjoy!

  • Intrepid Saga


What should we know about you?

There are a lot of books I remember from my youth, but the one I read first was the Bible. Everyone said to start at the New Testament, but I thought that was crazy, you have to start at the beginning of the book! If you skip the Numbers and Leviticus, the first 20 books or so in the Bible read like a fantasy novel. That was my first foray into the world of kings, gods, armies, betrayal, war, lust, and even poetry.

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The Last Flag. Race the dead, book 1.


Your death will be televised.

What would you do to pay the bills; to survive, or to just get rich, would you compete against other teams in a quarantined town filthy with zombies wanting to bite out your throat?
Emma and Lewis sign up for the race, they need the money to save his life. But they won’t just be racing the dead, the surprise blizzard or the other contestants.

Because anger and vengeance know no bounds and like everyone in the blighted town they become pawns in a game of retribution.
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