How to Win our Contests, Five Tips

Darkness Wired Illustration by Luke Spooner

We want good writers to win.
We love to read too!

We want writers to win the contest or submit a manuscript to our anthology that will be accepted. Decline notices are not fun and neither is reading a piece of fiction done by an author who very clearly didn’t read the guidelines or throws random submissions in the hope something will be accepted.

In that vein let us offer some advice.

  1. READ the guidelines.
    • The Contest/Anthology is on-theme.
    • Submissions not following the guidelines will be deleted without a reply.
  2. We are readers as well as publishers. NPH created this contest, to read, love and publish original diverse voices. Gives us a fresh 21st century takes on an established mythology.
  3. Commit to the story, even if we don’t accept it, if it’s good the next publisher you submit it to, very well might.
  4. Write compelling unique characters.
  5. Submit a well edited piece.

We can’t guarantee that you, dear writer, will be the winning author, but it’ll greatly improve your odds.

Thank  you!


Illustration by U.K. artist Luke Spooner
Luke’s website
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Additional Reading From the Web

Anthology and Contest Resources Pt.1

Darkness Wired is about the intersection of old monster, even older Gods and mythologies and human innovation in technology and medicine. For you writers who do not normally peruse technical sites, our CEO, Notch has grabbed some handy links that might inspire you.

Technology Resources

Ars Technica
Popular Mechanics
Medical Xpress
Tech Xplore

How to get accepted into the anthology, or improve your likelihood of winning the contest

Read the requirements!

The short stories should include or take place during the events in the timeline provided. Modern or future technology should be a part of it, as much as Lovecraftian mythology.

Fiction that has nothing at all to do with the theme and requirements will not be accepted.

Check out tried and true strategies!

Judges tend to know what they’re looking for and we’re no exception. These submissions must match the theme but you can still utilize recommended techniques for all story writing.  You can WOW us by ensuring there are creepy elements/atmosphere, relatable characters and appropriate twists/compelling ending.


Only the best of the best stories will be accepted into the compilation. You can increase your chances with excellent editing strategies. Make sure the time continuum makes sense and has proper grammar.  Minor mistakes that were missed won’t discount all your hard work but if the story requires major editing overhauls, it will be sent back to you first to correct.