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A new zombie book out? Of course, we’d want to know about it! And if you are on this site, chance are you do too.

D.C.P. Fox has a brand-new book out, And he took some time to answer our questions. Find out about
The Sword of Saint Michael

What motivates you?

I believe I am motivated by a burning desire to create enjoyable stories, self-confidence, a healthy work ethic, and being in a good place, emotionally and physically.

What is your writing process?

I plan, plan, plan. Before I begin the actual writing of the novel, I have developed characters, settings, and plot, including a list of scenes. Then while I write the novel, I constantly revise those plans as the creative process takes me in directions that I didn’t originally intend. I have a beta phase where my best readers give me feedback, and in the end, I get the manuscript professionally edited.

I wake up at 1:30 a.m. every day. On most days, I write from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., sometimes even longer. I start with light editing of my previous day’s writing, then I make sure I have the outline in place for the day’s writing (usually done the day before), and then I write. From 5 to 7 a.m., and then at various times throughout the day, I either keep writing, or I work on story ideas, characters, plot, settings, outlines, blogs, newsletters, and/or general marketing.

Occasionally during those wee hours of the morning, and I try to do this every Sunday, instead of writing I engage in deep self-guided meditation to come up with writing ideas or anything that I need in order to prepare for the daily writing. Because of this tool in my toolbox, I never suffer from writer’s block.

There are so many zombie books out there, and so much repetition. What makes your book stand out?

Many apocalyptic novels deal with a scarcity of resources, but what about the scarcity of antipsychotic medication? Jocelyn Radomski, our heroine in The Sword of Saint Michael, is haunted by what she has become (violently psychotic) without that precious resource during the stress of a zombie apocalypse, and the only redemption she sees is that her immunity to the zombie pathogen could lead to a cure. As the novel unfolds, she emerges as a superhero, with shamanic powers she didn’t realize she had, zombie-like powers from her infection, and wielding a tenth-century sword, blessed by the archangel Saint Michael, forged to fight zombies. But no matter how powerful she becomes, her psychosis persists and threatens her and everyone around her.

How many more books have you planned in this series?

While The Sword of Saint Michael is great as a stand-alone novel, there will be at least two more books in the series, which would make it a trilogy. I have enough ideas for at least six books, though. Spin off novellas are a possibility, too.

What has been Self-publishing biggest lesson for you?

Nothing is more important than writing your next good book. I’m focusing a lot of energy on the sequel to The Sword of Saint Michael.

Eleanor Merry Brings Us a New Type of Zombie!

eleanorMerryMeet the talented Eleanor Merry, who is making her debut from Canada with her new novel Dead Aware. You can grab Dead Aware on Kindle unlimited which would make for nice free new read if you’re on it! Which is a darn good deal!
For Canadian readers grab you copy of Dead Aware here.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Talking about yourself is hard!
Yes! what a horrible question!
Well, I am from Vancouver Canada and aside from being an author I am also first and foremost a mom (to a psychotic toddler who I love to pieces) I do work full time in the travel industry. Travel is a huge passion of mine and I love seeing new places in the world! I am well known for bright hair colours (currently, blue) and haven’t seen my natural hair colour in about eighteen years. I am an avid reader of many genre’s (in 2018 I read 240 books!) and although I write horror and dystopian, I have a soft spot for dirty romance 😉 I am very close to my family and, living in BC, I love the outdoors and feel most at home in the forest and trees.

What has the writing experience been like for you?
Amazing! I have been writing since I was a kid and only began to pursue my dreams of publication at the start of 2019. I love days where the words just flow and have so many story idea’s I sometimes wonder where I will get the time to write them all. Honestly, writing is the easiest and funnest part of being an author for me.

Why horror?
A few different reasons, but mostly because I love to write what I love to read (And what I wish existed). A good horror story will stick with you long after it is finished and can affect you so many ways whether its make you uncomfortable or scared, make you think or just plain gross you out. The emotions I feel when I read a great horror novel are something unique in reading and something I strive to deliver in my own writing.

Do you write in other genres?
Not yet but I do have some plans for cross-overs including some children’s zombie books, dark romance and some other odds and ends. Chances are, most things I do will end up having some essence of horror in them.

What inspired you to venture into zombie fiction?
Aside from the obvious answer that I love zombies is that I had an idea that I wanted to see in the world of zompoc. My debut, Dead Aware, was actually an idea I had in high school about a couple who were zombies and had to cross the country to find each other. The idea expanded greatly over the course of 20 years and resulted in the Dead Aware series.

How’s your novel different from so many others?
I really wanted to have a story where instead of it being a lot of military and guns and brain eating undead, it was more focused on the ‘prejudice’ people feel against poor, misunderstood zombies. Dead Aware is written from an ‘undead’ point of view, which isn’t unique it itself, but I think the approach taken with it is something new that I really hope people enjoy.

What has been the most challenging thing about self publishing?
Everything but the writing! Marketing yourself, learning about formatting and blurbs and cover design and… Ahh! So many things! It is a huge learning curve.

What has been the most rewarding?
Getting my first review that wasn’t from a family member or friend. Knowing that someone willingly A) read my book and B) had amazing feedback.. well, it doesn’t get any better than that. As much as I would love to be rich off of writing, just getting to share my words with the world is amazing.

What is your favorite animal?
Mooses, eh. (I did say I was Canadian) Those things are big, tough, resilient and like, super cute. Also, now I think I need to write a moose into Dead Aware…

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The Outstanding Mr. Robbins

montage of covers of M.R. Robbins zombie series

So who doesn’t like zombies, right? I always jump at the chance to read some new zombie fiction, so for over a year (feels like it anyway), since I chatted with Mike at the 50booksto20k Vegas convention I pined for his’s new series. I pine no more, It’s finally here! And Mike has agreed to an interview.

When, how did your writer career start?

Back when I was in High School I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I was into Poe and Lovecraft and my first attempts at writing were to try to sound like them. Didn’t work. Fast-forward almost 40 years later and I started doing it seriously, learning and working on my craft. The result was my first book, The Tilt. Took 3 years, but it’s a book I’m proud of.

Why zombies?

The best monsters are those that were once human. But unlike vampires and werewolves, zombies can’t hide among us. I also tend toward fast-paced, action stories and nothing will get things started faster than a zombie horde threatening a small band of survivors.

How is your zombie , tale different from the rest?

The location of the first book is the tundra of Northwest Alaska. The way the zombie plague starts is pretty unique. There’s a mass grave of 19th-century sailors that becomes uncovered as climate change melts the tundra and the sailors rise.

Favorite zombie movie?

The original Dawn of the Dead. It was the first movie in the franchise that was in color, and while I wouldn’t want to see Night of the Living Dead in anything but black and white, the color added another dimension.

You live in Alaska did you find that it helped your creative process or was it a struggle? I’m imagining a writer in a tiny home almost swallowed by a landscape of snow. And of course, surrounded by caribous and wendigos.

It helps my writing that the winter’s so dark and cold. I’m not much of a winter sports person, so I spend more time writing during that time of year. Of course, the opposite is true in the summer. I want to be outside and the sun’s up almost all night during the lightest time of the year. I have to force myself to sit inside and write.

What will your next project be about?

I’ve got three books done in the Zombie Uprising series. I have two more planned right now, but that could expand. I can’t control my characters and they often go off in a direction I hadn’t expected that requires another book or two. I plan on going back and finishing The Tilt series. And I have one new series that I’m letting ferment in my subconscious. I don’t want to get specific and jinx it, but I find it a fascinating premise.

One piece of advice for newbie writers?

Decide what type of story you want to write, then find out what the readers want out of it. Without considering the readers, you’re likely to be writing for yourself. While that’s perfectly OK, I really like the reader feedback. I urge my readers to email me and let me know what they’re thinking. That way I can keep producing books that we both like.


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