House of Redemption, Kathy Finfrock

I have had the pleasure of meeting Kathy almost a year ago.  My impression of her, as she helped promote Wren’s book, was of her as a very kind and fun person. So I’m very happy to be sharing some information about her on our blog. She was also kind enough to give us a copy of “House of Redemption”, and dear readers…We liked it!  Although a lot of bad folks in that novel got more retribution than redemption!

What made you start writing?
A co-worker challenged me to participate in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). I took it as a dare and ran with it.

Why horror and suspense vs. romance or urban fantasy?
I’d say primary influences. My first favorite toy was a Casper the Ghost doll. The first television show I saw was The Munsters. My favorite show was Saturday afternoon called Chiller (90 minutes of horror flicks) like Dementia 13 or Carnival of Souls. Not a fan of romance. I always see it as temporary and never has a happy ending. It’s more of a weapon to be wielded. (Much to the dismay of my husband.)

House of Redemption


What are some of your creative plans
My favorite people are writers and I love having the opportunity to help promote their books for free with my daily ten-minute writing prompts at the Attic Ghost, I also have a podcast series of short stories at

What question do you Wish we had asked…Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. They keep you company and stay beside you or at your feet. They’re also good security alarms. Cats mainly walk on the keyboard and block the screen.

(We can confirm that our CEO, Notch does indeed do that a lot.)

Dear readers!  We recommend  The House of Redemption for some good gory fun.