How to get it done – Shut up and work

Some humble suggestions…

It worked for me anyway, so I’ll share. ¬†Getting your book, your game map, your art project complete is to:


  • Depending on your personality, this could be one and the same. I’m going to go with that, as that is how I do it.
  • Sketches, or jot down notes. As I work, I have notepad open on the side. Humble Notepad, simple, format stripping notepad. I put in ideas, links, notes, follow-ups. Of course, if I need fanciness I’ll jump to excel like sheets or other doc formats. Sketches PSD or plain old paper.
  • See possibilities. Put on hold the negative part of your brain that says “This is idiotic!”, “NEVER”, “NOOOOO.” They are just ideas you can always reject them at a later date. Keep your mind open.
  • Shut up. Just work. Don’t splatter your new idea or project on social media. Don’t put everything down because you JUST GOT to tell your friends.


  • Shut up, don’t tell anyone about. Possible exception your pets, houseplant or very supportive partner/friend/whatever. Why? They won’t post about or wonder if you’ll get it done this time around.
  • Your energy should be focused on creating. Not yakking about it. Period.
  • Come at a stand still, but not done? Return to step one. ¬†Plan, dream. Don’t get discouraged. Allow for your original idea to morph if needed. A lot of ideas you begun with won’t make it to the end of the journey.
  • As you work your drawings, paintings, or models. The characters in your novel, the scenes in you short story will evolve. Keep an open mind. They might be going in a better direction than the one you had planned.
  • What will make to the end of the journey with you, will be what mattered? What really spoke to you.
  • Plan/Dream/Shut up/Execute, as needed until you are done.

Are you done?

  • Now, you can tell everyone about it.

Minor exceptions to the, shut up and work, rule.

It’s the 21st century, I know. Being social, informing your readers and/or fans of your progress is part of your marketing strategy. I get it.

But if you are a new writer, artist or developer. And you haven’t managed to finish a single project, then you don’t have your discipline down yet, don’t waste your energy on sharing about your work until you are about 80% or 90% done.

What I noticed over the years is that what you really truly care about has to be nurtured. Talk too much about it, and it sucks the energy from it. It gives you the impression that you are working on it. But it’s just an impression.

The image? Nothing to do with the article, but when you are done writing your book or completing whatever needs doing, have a treat. Image courtesy of Steve on Pixabay