Sick Cruising

Our new book is out a unique anthology and for the next five days, it’ll be on sale. You can’t lose, because; well, it’s a great read.

Sick Cruising

Come aboard the All Powerful, join the very rich and the very famous in a joyful escape from the newest sickness that’s coursing through nations and lives worldwide. Escape Red Lungs in style. In luxury. Coddled and served by a cadre of young, attractive, and well-trained staff.

Red lungs, Covid-21, the Dreaming Disease. It starts with precognitive dreams, spins you into unreality along with the sniffles until it floods your lungs with blood. But if you’re rich enough, you may sail to safety in splendor.
With an exclusive invitation from one of the world’s richest man you too can escape the anxiety of the newest developing pandemic in style. Wait, those faint smears on the corridor’s wall, blood?

Be entertained by Country star sensation Sweet Dew Dewsome, Hip Hop/rapper extraordinaire SlrFlare, and the Great Mollum, extreme magician. But is that a muffled scream you hear in the darkened auditorium?

Boutique wines from the famous vintner Dale Morton winery will accompany exquisite and plentiful gourmet meals. Are those wet coughs you hear behind you?

Join us on this cruise and find out if safety or blood awaits (spoiler alert, it’s blood).

Who are the authors? Glad you asked! Meet the writers, part 1



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How’d Notch Publishing House came about?
Thought you’d never ask!

Monsters! We were starved for some good horror, creature feature type fun. So we wrote and published one. It turned out to be fun and we kept going.