Of Cats and Sea Monsters – PRE ORDER AVAILABLE –

Image of the Siamese mono clawed kitten, with the title and an image of the haunted and antique timepiece

Of Cats and Sea Monster is the second issue in the Cat Daddy series that features Jericho and his vet and cat daddy DVM All Medley.

We got more mayhem, more murders and more ghosts waiting for you in this newest novella. We even have ships taking off from Hell’s own ports. Come and get it!

In the idilyc coastal town of Urchin Cove, Jericho, the official clinic cat for the town’s only vet had hoped to spend the summer relaxing after helping break up a dog fighting ring in the spring.

He had been longing to let the summer sun soak into his jet-black fur, but it was not meant to be. He is dragged into a missing persons case that leads to one murder, and then another, Jericho’s summer goes off with a bang.

Worse, the seas monsters are returning to Urchin Cove, the mono-clawed kitten is missing, and a haunted ship has set sail from the furthest reaches of hell with cargo and passengers keen to wipe the Cove of the map.

Image of Jericho, our hero and a black cat falling from the sky with a cursed old timepiece