Sick Cruising – Anthology Call Prompts

Mitch Winters one of the richest man in the world is running from the outbreak of COVID-21, known throughout the world as the Red Lungs, the Flooding Death, Drowning virus, the crimson chest.

On his yacht the All Powerful he runs his business empire. But what is a king without his followers, a star without hangers-on and fans? A man without his family and friends? What would a rich man be without his body guards.
And so he brings along over five hundred people on his large, modern luxurious yacht that had been custom built for just such an occasion.

Who are you?
Are you following the escape trough the streams of the influencers and vloggers on the ship?
Are you a stow away?
One of the hired crew?
Maybe one of the fans that came aboard for a luxurious good time?
A seaman on the USS navy ship sent to the rescue, two weeks after the All Powerful set out to sea?

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